Re-Entry Program & Services

In Baltimore City and its surrounding areas, we are dedicated to advancing the reduction of recidivism rates through comprehensive rehabilitation initiatives, fostering effective social reintegration processes, and establishing structured pathways that empower individuals to emerge as productive and contributing members of society.

We collaborate closely with various stakeholders, including the Office of the Public Defender, legal professionals, the Office of Parole & Probation, pro-bono organizations, and more, to offer comprehensive re-entry programs and housing solutions tailored to the specific needs of returning citizens, ensuring they receive wrap-around support and care.

At our organization, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community. Through our dedicated team and extensive partnerships, we offer the following services to address critical needs and foster meaningful change:

Re-Entry Housing
Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Mental Health Services
Life Skills
Social Re-Integration into the community
After Care Services

If incarcerated, your public defender or attorney can contact us for more information at (443) 872-2230 or