Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programming (PRP) for Children

Empowering Youth: T.I.M.E. PRP Services for Personal Growth and Community Integration

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services are designed to promote healthy development of a youth’s behavior, social skills, self-management skills, and family relationships. The program is strengths based and therefore strives for the empowerment of the client, which leads to the youth attaining identified personal goals and objectives.

PRP services are provided in the setting most conducive to enhancing each youth’s own healthy participation in the community. This may include the youth’s home, foster care home, job site, educational setting or other community sites. The intensity of services will vary depending upon the youth’s individual needs, environment, or diagnosis.

With the input of the client and family, the T.I.M.E. Organization Inc. PRP establishes specific goals relating to the areas of personal care, behavioral management, social skills, and other skills that will lead the client and his/her family to a more positive future independent of or with less intensive mental health services support.

Involvement in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program is voluntary and family participation is vital in nearly all cases.