Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management

Psychiatric services are provided to all clients despite the need or desire for medication as a part of their treatment plan. Our Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners provide a thorough evaluation and make recommendations that may or may not include medication. We believe that evaluations are a fluid process, so we provide updated evaluations annually.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment

At your first visit, our Psych team will perform a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation.We practice state –of- the- art- psychopharmacology, treating adults, children and the elderly. We anticipate that you will actively participate in the process of evaluation by sharing as much as possible of your history, symptoms and feelings. Working together will enhance your ability to deal with challenges. It will help to develop a well working treatment plan by selecting the right type and dosage of medications and/or using psychotherapy.

Follow up medication monitoring

The goal of this appointment is monitoring your progress with your prescribed medication regimen. It can last from 15 to 30 min depending on the complexity of your needs. During the visit, our Psych Team will assess your ability to tolerate the prescribed medication, identify any side effects, and identify whether you are having favorable responses to medications. Be honest in describing any new feelings, thoughts, symptoms or behaviors. It will help in recognizing a need for medication dosage adjustments or switch to different one, and provide helpful educational intervention.